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Double Play

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A Self-Imposed Challenge in two-player games in which you play both players at once.

Somewhat easy to do in Light Gun Games as you can simply dual-wield, but harder in games where each player controls an on-screen character, as well as games in which you use Stock Control Settings.

Compare Teamwork Puzzle Game.

Since this Self-Imposed Challenge can be done on virtually any multiplayer game, examples will be limited to games that offer a doubles mode and thus recognize it.

Games that offer a specialized "double play" mode:

  • Most of the Bemani series, though the double-play modes present in most of the games offer specialized charts.
    • Beatmania IIDX allows you to play Double Battle mode, in which you can play the same single-player chart on both sides.
  • Contra 4 contains ports of the NES versions of Contra and Super C. Due to some limitations, if you choose their respective 2-player modes, you'll find that they aren't really 2-player modes so much as this trope.
  • Raiden III and IV. Interestingly, you can configure the controls to control both ships with one controller, or if you're feeling exceptionally coordinated, with separate controllers.
  • Target Terror Gold
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