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Double Play

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A Self-Imposed Challenge in two-player games in which you play both players at once.

Somewhat easy to do in Light Gun Games as you can simply dual-wield, but harder in games where each player controls an on-screen character, as well as games in which you use Stock Control Settings.

Compare Teamwork Puzzle Game.

Since this Self-Imposed Challenge can be done on virtually any multiplayer game, examples will be limited to games that offer a doubles mode and thus recognize it.

Games that offer a specialized "double play" mode:

  • Most of the Bemani series, though the double-play modes present in most of the games offer specialized charts.
    • beatmania IIDX allows you to play Double Battle mode, in which you can play the same single-player chart on both sides.
  • Contra 4 contains ports of the NES versions of Contra and Super C. Due to some limitations, if you choose their respective 2-player modes, you'll find that they aren't really 2-player modes so much as this trope.
  • Raiden III and IV. Interestingly, you can configure the controls to control both ships with one controller, or if you're feeling exceptionally coordinated, with separate controllers.
  • Target Terror Gold
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  • December 29, 2009
    Not an officially recognised example, but I just felt I have to mention it- many theme park ghost train rides have, in recent years, been converted into shooting galleries- if you go on a slow day and get a car to yourself, you can dual-wield the guns. I've done this at Alton Towers, and it's great fun.

    More notably, this is the whole point of the game Kuri Kuri Mix, AKA The Adventures Of Cookie And Cream. The stage is made up of two paths along each side of the screen, and the two characters are controlled using one analogue stick and set of shoulder buttons each. You can do it with two players, but the idea is to have one person managing both at the same time.
  • December 29, 2009
  • December 30, 2009
    Raiden III also had this.