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Accent Relapse
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Do We Have This?

This is when a character who has been speaking perfect, unaccented english (or whatever the language of the audience is), gets revealed to be a spy or covert operative from some other country. From that point on, he instantly reverts to a thick accent from his native language.

This is Distinct from Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping in that it is not a poor acting display by the performer, but instead a deliberate (and inexplicable) thing written into the story.

  • Spies Like Us - Once the mission contacts are revealed to be Russian spies, in the subsequent interrogation scene, they both have thick Russian accents.
  • The Rocketeer - The German Spy, Timothy Dalton, after speaking perfect English the whole movie, ZUDDENLY HAZ ZE GERMAN ACCZENT VUNCE HE IZ EXPOZED!
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