Lonely Bachelor Pad
Unfurnished - or minimally furnished apartment - to some degree showing the loneliness of the resident
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A picture says a thousand words, and an empty, sparsely furnished apartment says a lot about the lonely soul who lives there. No art on the walls, hardly any food in the fridge, very little furniture (probably just a mattress on the floor to sleep on).

Contrast with Feng Schwing, where a bachelor pad is made for seduction.

Examples include

Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • In one Wolverine comic, a woman breaks into his apartment and sees that the only thing in it is a pile of old newspapers he uses as a mattress. Possibly justified in that he isn't staying very long.

  • Miss Honey's house in Matilda is furnished with only a couple of wooden crates (to show that she's extremely poor, rather than that she's lonely.)
  • Up in the Air - in the movie, the apartment that Ryan keeps in Omaha is sparsely furnished with an almost empty refrigerator.
  • Last Action Hero - in the movie-within-a-movie, Jack Slater's apartment is unfurnished, and very unremarkable, besides the ninja hiding in the closet and the closet full of identical outfits.
  • Crazy Stupid Love - the apartment Cal moves into after separating from his wife, if this troper remembers right, bare walls, cheap furniture...
  • Ratatouille - Linguini's initial place of residence is one of these. In his own words, "I know it's not much, but it's... not much."

  • In Men at Arms, Carrot and Angua discover that Captain Vimes lives in a one-room undecorated apartment with no furnishings but a bed. he puts all his disposable income into the Watch Widows and Orphans fund.

Live Action TV
  • The Big Bang Theory - In a flashback to when Leonard became Sheldon's roommate, it's shown that the living room is furnished with just a couple of lawn chairs and a tv.
  • The Wire - For a while, McNulty's apartment has nothing but a mattress on the floor, which makes it very uncomfortable when he wants his kids to visit.
  • One Home Improvement episode has Tim design the ultimate male bathroom. The toilet unfolds into a recliner, there's a fridge and a large TV for sporting events... All good for a single person to live in, of course, but there's no way two people could live in it.

Video Game
  • In Metal Gear Solid 2, it's mentioned that Raiden's home looks like this, despite having a girlfriend. A sparse bed, bare walls, nothing else. When Rose broke in there because she started getting paranoid that he had a second girlfriend (he wouldn't let her visit his room), she commented that "There was nobody there. Not even you."

Visual Novel
  • Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo, even if Yamaku's rules and rooms tend to be minimalistic, hisao comments of the heavy ambience of her room)

Western Animation
  • Rocky's house in The Simpsons, including Mr. Vanhouten's apartment, and the apartment Principal Skinner lives in briefly.

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