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Taking Your Bruises
Sometimes you need to let yourself get beaten up
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A character is normally pretty tough and can hold their own in a fight, but a real test of meddle comes down how well they can take a hit. They may be working some sort of Batman Gambit or other manipulation, or maybe it is just to prove how tough they are.

Sometimes it is used in combination with Cover-Blowing Superpower and/or Obfuscating Stupidity.

  • The cast of Burn Notice is more than capable of fighting off most any bad guy that comes their way, but the majority of the show is about manipulation. Quite often they need to convince the bad guy that they are the ones in control so that they will make a mistake. Michael once got a dislocated shoulder for it, Fiona let herself get kidnapped (with chloroform rag) so she could work against the kidnappers and Sam provided distraction at a bar to let an asset escape.
  • Trigun: The basic mode of operation for Vash, who is an extreme pacifist and prefers to let himself get humiliated and sometimes beaten up rather than killing everyone around him.
  • Used in a unique way in The Longest Yard, Crewe tries to recruit some members of the black gang at the prison and approaches them. He challenges one of the leaders to a game of basketball to get their help (he's a pro football player) and the guy proceeds to play rough while Crewe refuses to call any fowls on him (including elbows to the face and other things). Crewe was making a point to show how willing he was to take a hit and he even inspired one of the guys to join the team despite him losing the basketball game.
  • A major plot point in A Knight's Tale, William is trying to woo Jocelyn and proclaims that he will win the tournament in her name. She dismissed it as he was planning on winning the tournament anyway, and so tells him to lose to prove his love for her. As his crew recently made an outside bet on William, they are particularly pissed when William is just allowing his opponents to smash into him. Once Jocelyn sees his dedication, she allowed him to win for her.
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