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The Ratio of Exposure vs Enjoyment
A character hates something, until they spend five hours exposed to nothing but that thing.
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Laconic: How much someone likes/dislikes something decreases proportionally to the length of time that person is exposed to that thing.

Most often occuring with a song despised by a person, the song becomes trapped on repeat and after awhile the person becomes to "love" it. The inverse might happen with a song the person likes, it becomes annoying or even maddening to them.

Characters may also build an immunity to people they dislike. Specifically at the start of a series when the main two leads are exact opposites, (One's a straight-laced lawyer with OCD, the other's a wild child, slob who can't hold down a job and they're stuck living together!). After a few adventures the two main characters may become best friends or at least develop an appreciation with the other.

Another variation is with someone who doesn't like babies. They're terrified of responsibility, of the possibility of somehow hurting one and then they spend a few hours forced to take care of an infant and they learn that it's not so bad. Someone may even tell them that one day they'll make a great parent.

Compare I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham.



  • Easy A had Natasha Beddingfield's "Pocketful Of Sunshine" from a music card at first being called awful by the main character, but after spending a weekend repeatedly listening to the song, she comes to love it and know all the words. She even has it as her ringtone in one scene.

  • VeggieTales Lord of the Beans: "They took the "What Have We Learned Song"! "I thought you hated that song."...

Live-Action Television

  • One episode of How I Met Your Mother had Ted and Marshall go on a road trip in which a cassette was stuck on one song and repeated it over and over again. The two go through this trope cyclically, loving the song, then hating it, then loving it again.

  • The baby examples happens several times over several seasons on Charmed. Specifically dealing with Prue not believing that she'd be a good parent, there are at least two episodes where she's stuck with a child uner her care. A season 4 episode has Leo and Piper taking care of a mechanic baby doll trying to prove to themselves that they are capable of bringing up children in a home that is constantly threatened by demons. (Subverted in that they fail and the doll is destroyed.)

  • In one episode of Community Britta and Troy, the Ship Tease couple for the season, have to hug for the school's promotional video. Unfortunately, the Dean, who's the director, forces them to do it over and over and over again, for hours, before they both break down, crying, and Troy almost throwing up.
  • After spending a few weeks locked in a small box, removed only to be beaten, Rand Al'thor (of The Wheel of Time) develops a strong aversion to small spaces. Then he has to spend several hours locked in a confined space and comes out of it without his claustrophobia.

  • In PvP, Francis hates Star Trek TOS until Cole and Brent strap him to a chair and force him to watch all the Star Trek movies (except for Star Trek V).

Web Original

Real Life
  • In psychology, this is known as flooding and is a recognized method for dealing with a phobia. It's better done in a controlled manner, rather than the sensational and dick way that daytime tv shows sometimes does it.
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