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The Russians Were Working On A Beard
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When two sides are involved in a Lensman Arms Race, any advantage will seem important. If it gives you an edge, you have to try it, no matter how ridiculous, implausible, or outright stupid it seems (or will in hindsight). This goes double if the enemy is trying it.

If they are seeing if sea sponges can be used to detect mines, you have to try using them for that as well. If someone at least slightly credible theorizes that playing Opera aria's backwards could control minds, both sides will try it.

Rarely will this succeed, and if lucky, this could amount to wasted time, but if unlucky, it may even have Gone Horribly Wrong.

Rolling Examples:

  • Name comes from an episode of The Tick, as for why the US created a sentient mustache.
  • The CIA in Real Life trying psychic experiments because the other side was.


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