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Time travel / alternate reality bring back dead people
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I feel like Back from the Dead can be split into subtropes

Inversion of Ret Gone and often a side effect of it. Long dead characters come back from the dead after someone go back in time and prevent them from dying. Or they turn out to be alive in alternate universe, where their killer fails, refuses or doesn't exist at all.

Godwin's Law of Time Travel is when entire Third Reich experience that. Compare Reset Button when recent death is canceled in the end of the same story.


  • Stargate Continuum: Ba'al has Earth Stargate program erased from history. As a result many villains come back from the dead, as they never died in this timeline. Most prominently Qetesh, who died off-screen in original timeline, and Ra.

Live-Action TV
  • Warehouse 13 has Christmas special, where Pete sees what world would be like, if he never was born. Season 1 Big Bad would be alive and well and main antagonist.
  • Fringe: After Peter was erased from the history in season 3, season 1 villain whom he killed (David Rober Jones) comes back to life.
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