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Through A Face Full Of Fur
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"How can he blush through a face full of fur?"
--Charlie Brown, on Snoopy's Color Change in Peanuts

Most beasts are covered in fur, most birds in feathers. Thus, if the blood rushes to their skin as a result of effort, anger, embarrassment, or pain, it should covered from view, though if an animal has light-colored, thin fur/feathers, something of the skin tone may still be visible. Some creatures are inorganic, and have no blood to blush with. However, a remarkable phenomenon takes place in the world of Animated beings. There, if a wolf drops a hammer on its paw, or a duck is bilked of a million-dollar prize, or a griffon is caught in the shower without a towel on -- or even if factory whistle is just blowing too strenuously -- the creature will turn bright red, flesh, fur, feathers, or whatever. This phenomenon is usually restricted to the face, but will on some occasions spread over the whole body (in which case it may cause any adjacent water to boil, snow to melt, or eggs to fry).

A variant reaction may take place when a character is frightened, in which case it may turn yellow or white; or freezing, when it may turn blue; or sick, when it may turn green or yellow, or, in extreme cases, plaid.

Though this is primarily an Animation Trope, it will occasionally show up in other media as well.

Anime And Manga
  • Tails in Sonic X blushes at one point when he carries Cosmo up to the ceiling by way of his helicopter tails in order to decorate a room for a party.

Eastern Animation
  • The wolf in Nu, Pogodi! attempts to karate-chop a log, and smashes his hand. It turns crimson, and he has to run a faucet over it to cool it off.

  • Several times in Winnie The Pooh Piglet (who is presumably made of cloth) is described as "turning pink."
  • The Redwall critters are constantly turning red from rage, green from seasickness, white with fury or fright, and pink with pleasure.

Live-Action Television
  • In one episode of Green Acres, Arnold the pig blushes, with the help of special lighting.

Newspaper Comics
  • In Peanuts, Snoopy is often shown blushing. In one strip, Charlie Brown wonders how anyone can blush through a face full of fur.

Western Animation
  • Flower in Disney's Bambi turns red when being kissed for the first time, the blush travelling from his nose all the way to the tip of his tail.
  • Donald Duck, in his animated shorts, has been seen turning red with anger (obviously!).
  • Professor Fritz Owl loses his temper in Tex Avery's Merrie Melodies short, "I Love to Singa," and his feathered face turns bright scarlet.
  • Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot blushes.
  • Blushing is used as a visual device for robots in Transformers Generation One. A simple example would be Seaspray's humanoid love interest noticing him blushing at her in "Sea Change."
    • In Zobovor's epic fanfic, "Children of Cybertron," following Bumblebee blushing, this is Handwaved as energon (the Transformer proxy for blood) rushing to the robot's face. He goes on that to explain it as something Transformers have always done, and were quite surprised to find in common with organic creatures.
  • Sylvester the Cat in "Claws For Alarm," when he sees a "ghost" (actually a number of murderous mice under a bed-sheet), turns white with fear.
  • Spike the Bulldog turns white (including his derby and sweater) from fear of Sylvester (he thinks!) in "Tree for Two."
  • In one episode of '"Tom and Jerry Tales'', Tom and Jerry go through a carnival funhouse and come out so scared their fur is permanently bleached white. They then end up getting a job at the carnival as an albino cat and mouse.
  • Bugs Bunny turns multiple colors from fear and vertigo in "Falling Hare".
  • Claude the Cat psychosomatically turns colors which are suggested by Hubie and Bert in "The Hypo-Cat-Riac."
  • In "Cheese Chasers" Hubie and Bert themselves turn green from indigestion through eating too much cheese.
  • In "Drip-A-Long Daffy" Daffy and Porky, among other reactions, turn green, as a result of the drink forced on them by Nasty Canasta.

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