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Point Of View Character
The character from whose Point Of View the story is told.
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There have been multiple recent discussions that suggested to me that we need this, to define the term and let us clarify descriptions where the Point Of View Character is not The Protagonist.

I think this should be just a definition/explanation trope, like The Protagonist and Point of View and so forth. No examples, because almost every story has at least one.
The Point Of View Character is the character from whose Point of View the story is told.

Normally we expect to see stories told from the Point of View of The Protagonist; that is, from the POV of the most important, central character. However, it is possible to tell a story from the POV of a secondary or peripheral character, in which case the Point Of View Character is separate from The Protagonist.

For example, in the Sherlock Holmes stories, Mr. Sherlock is The Protagonist (he is the central character and moves the plot), while Dr. Watson is the Point Of View Character (all of the stories are told from his point of view).

Some stories may have multiple Point Of View Characters. On the other hand, stories with a sufficiently detached Narrator or written from an omniscient Point of View may not have any Point Of View Characters at all.

Tropes concerning the POV Character:
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