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remembering things that weren't there
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Is there already a trope page for when modern characters reminisce about things that they actually wouldn't have had? For instance, if a woman who was 32 years old in a current (2011) work set in the current day made mention of her little brother pulling the head off of her Bratz doll, it wouldn't make much sense, as she would have been college age by the time Bratz hit the market.

I notice this from time to time... the writers use a fad or product that's only a few years old (or at least wouldn't have been invented at the time of the memory) because it's recognizable to the audience, but they don't think to match up timelines to see if the character would have actually had access to it. I wouldn't know what to call it, so I wouldn't know how to check if there's already a page for it.
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