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Absurdly Lit Abandoned Temple
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Needs More Examples, badly.

Probably Needs a Better Title and Needs a Better Description and Do We Have This One?? (or is it too specific?)I know I've Seen It a Million Times in videogames, but it Needs Examples.

If it's one thing the ancients were never bothered by, it's the cost of lighting. Even in the middle of a desert wasteland, the Temple of Doom will always have massive, eerily buring bonfires and loads of torches no one ever seems to have to replace or relight. The place in question must have to keep a small army of people just to maintain ultilities, but none are ever seen or couldn't ever serve the function of being a servant.

Very frequent in video games. Even if the Templeof Doom is supposedly inhabited only by monsters, there will always be handy lit torches available for the heroes as they explore. If it's not torches, glowing crystals and fungi or moss are always good ancient decor options as well.

The key to this trope is unrealistically well kept and well lit bases that have no business being so and are entirely done so for audience expectations and setting the mood of the scene or to help players.

A very common feature in the Ancient Tomb. The opposite of Evil Is Not Well Lit, where the villain actively cultivates a mood of evilness in their uber dark base.

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