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Boss Rematch
Early boss returns with an upgrade for one more battle
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Do We Have This One?? Beware of confusion with Recurring Boss.
A pattern in some Video Games where, despite most bosses being unique opponents, one boss who appears relatively early on will re-appear in one later level with some kind of power-up or upgrade that raises the difficulty level of the fight. Perhaps the terrain has changed, the new boss has a wider variety of attacks, or is simply on fire this time around. Whether or not the second boss actually is the same individual as the first is irrelevant, but the resemblance is clear, and the strategy to defeat him is similar -- just with added wrinkles to increase the difficulty.

This is related to the Recurring Boss, although a Recurring Boss has greater narrative prominence (often being a Quirky Miniboss Squad or perhaps even The Dragon) and is fought at least three times throughout a given playthrough.

See also Underground Monkey, and Call Back.

  • The original Blaster Master has a mutant frog as the boss of area 3, and a fiery mutant frog as the boss of area 7 (with a longer attack pattern). The boss of area 6 is similar to the boss of area 2 as well, just with longer-reaching claws.
    • Blaster Master Overdrive has a few remixed bosses of its own, with the boss of area 3 being a similar armored crab as the boss of area 1, but with added firebreath.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns has Mugly as World 1 boss, then Thugly in World 6, who is essentially the same but with red-hot armor covering his weak point, and nasty fire breath.
  • If the player fights Vile early in Mega Man X 3, they will fight him again during the final levels, with him piloting a larger Powered Armor.
  • In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, each of the Koopalings is fought twice in their respective world: The first match is relatively straightforward (and similar) for any of them, but for the second match, Magikoopa arrives and enchants something, usually the terrain, to make the battle more difficult.
  • Super Mario Galaxy has a few remixed bosses between its two games:
    • Dino Piranha later reappears as the on-fire Lava Piranha, who spits fireballs and can't be approached so easily.
    • King Caliente's rematch takes place on a field of Temporary Platforms floating in hot lava, rather than solid ground.
    • Gobblegut in the sequel is also on fire during his rematch, leaving pools of lava every time he carves a tunnel through the planetoid arena.

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