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Bee Weapon
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An extremely widespread subtrope of Abnormal Ammo. Can be either a weapon that shoots bees, or a person with the power to control bees.

  • A plasmid in Bioshock turns your arm into a living beehive and shoots bees at your enemies.
  • The Pain, a boss from Metal Gear Solid 3, is also a living beehive-man. He uses bees and hornets offensively and defensively.
  • There was a bee-based villainess in the second season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?.
  • Swarm is a Marvel comics supervillain who is a swarm of Nazi bees.
  • In DC Comics, during the Amazons Attack storyline, the Amazons deployed weaponized bees that make people explode. This prompted an infamous Batman quote: "Bees. My god".
  • In the cartoon The Terrible Thunderlizards, the Thunderlizards used bazookas, grenades, and guns that shot bees.

Any more examples, or a better name? Up for Grabs.
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