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Protagonist As Narrator
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A kind of Medium Awareness, where the protagonist of the story is narrating the events and, in the process, directly addresses the reader.

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  • The Sanguine Chronicles is a diary, but Marko (the protagonist and writer of the diary) is fully aware that someone else may read it. He even throws in a Hi, Mom! addressed to his therapist.
  • Sometimes in the Gor series the first person narrator will break the fourth wall, talking directly to the reader.
    • In Mariners of Gor (the most recent book as of this writing) the story is told within a Framing Device of the narrator telling the story to patrons in a bar in payment for his food & beverage. The story occasionally stops to clarify a point with the other patrons, such as the following about the names of months; the others' responses aren't recorded, just the narrator's speech.
      It was the third month...this is the month which in Ar is called Camerious. In other places it has other names...I do not know how it is spoken of amongst you, in Brundisium. Ah, the month of Policrates! Very well, let it be so. In any event, it was the third month.

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