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Fantasic Flora

Flowers and plants of unusual quality not found in (Muggle) nature.

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So Alice was strolling around a forest today and she saw something unusual, maybe it was those flowers that changed hue as she walked by or the other or that tree the looks like it's about to attack.

Fiction being well fiction allows the writer to create some Fantastic Fauna. The various plants may be enchanted, mutated differently, or perhaps show that the dimensional that the character is in is not their original one. Regardless they can't be found in nature as far as Muggles are concerned.

There are some flowers that are made to look fantastic but are ordinary (The "Rainbow Rose" for example) Please don't list those as examples unless there is something unique and that grows in nature.

Also see Mix-and-Match Critters and Our Monsters Are Different for when the Fauna is fantastic. Man Eater Plants, are one type of Fantastic Fauna. May be found in The Lost Woods.


  • Harry Potter: The Womping Willow, A giant tree near Hogwarts that can moves i branches and well...

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