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Recovering from a rather bad psychological blow from recieving his curse (not to mention the curse itself), Ranma Yagami returns to Japan to be introduced to Soun Tendo's family. Soun wants an engagement, but things don't look to be going that way. As things develop and Ranma grows more powerful, a hidden force waits and watches, hungering for the power within Ranma's blood.

Yagami 1/2 is the pet project of Black Dragon and his one true crossover fic, and probably the most serious of all his series. Iori Yagami has asked for Happousai's help in becoming strong enough to defeat Kyo, but he got a little more than he bargained for. Now Happousai's trapped, Iori's married, and Ranma's grown up. But Iori's not the only one to have settled down and create an heir. Despite it only being second in the list of reader favorites (perhaps because of what it's crossed over with), Yagami 1/2 is (in my eyes, at least) flawless. In any case, this is the result of one of Black Dragon’s finer ideas, and after posting chapter one as an idea for someone else to pick up, people somehow got the impression that he was starting a new fic series and asked for more. Rather than using established characters, Black Dragon’s once again filled the ranks with my own creations.

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