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Deployable Cover
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So, you and your squad are off on a mission. You've got armour, guns, grenades, etc. - everything you need. But there's a catch - on this mission, there is likely to be little cover. What do you do? Take some of your own with you, of course!

Deployable Cover can be anything from an energy barrier that deflects bullets to a big pavise that can be planted into the ground to protect you from arrow volleys. Often, the deployable cover won't be as durable as natural cover, eventually getting destroyed after it is shot enough (though, in the case of an energy shield, it may reactivate after a short time). It will, however, last indefinitely if it is left alone.

A piece of equipment of the same name in Halo 3 is the Trope Namer.

It seems like quite a common trope, worth putting up? If I get lots of examples I'll post it.


  • The soldier's turret from Borderlands.
  • Champions supplement Gadgets!. The Force Wall Generator was a device which, when placed on the ground and activated, would create an energy shield to block incoming fire.
  • The Block ability in S 4 League.
  • The Geth in Mass Effect seem to be fond of deploying hexagonal energy shields in areas with little cover.
  • As has been mentioned, the piece of equipment in Halo 3 is the trope namer.
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