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Hit The Nail Right On The Point
When a common misconception is so wrong the opposite is closer to the truth
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Let's say that a battle once took place between two tribes, the Alphanards and the Betagauts. In popular culture, this battle is often portrayed with the Alphanards as the heroes, triumphing over the Betagauts with the power of teamwork and courage.

Except that in reality, it was the Alphanards vs A Betagaut, singular. Because the Betagauts were a tribe so ravaged by debilitating illness that only one man was fit to fight. Furthermore, the Alphanards were actually being A Bit Dickish, taking the opportunity to pillage and murder with impunity. This singular Betagaut was having no more of this, and so he went up against the entire Alphanard tribe's war forces alone to take a stand for his people.

Which brings us to the final error with the popular depiction of the battle: The lone Betagaut won.

So... just how wrong is this misconception? Well it's not just wrong. It's so wrong the opposite is much MUCH closer to the truth.

Which means that the people who hold this misconception have Hit The Nail Right On The Point. They've pretty much concluded the exact opposite of the truth.

Note: When adding real life examples, make sure that:

1: The misconception was stated confidently by a notable figure.

2: The facts against this misconception are demonstrable, and not a matter of belief or opinion.

Otherwise we'll get into a huge edit war every five minutes.
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