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Underdog Foil

That non-action guy who the hero befriends and stands up for, demonstrating the Power of Friendship or something similar

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The Underdog Foil, while a good person, is not traditionally heroic. While the hero of the story is brave, he is cowardly. While the hero is confident, he is nervous and lacking in self-esteem. He's often a Shrinking Violet, a Non-Action Guy, one of the villain's minions, or some combination of the above.

When we first meet him, he's incredibly put-upon by the people around him, often being a Butt-Monkey if not The Woobie. Then the Hero shows up. Depending on the story and this character's role, the hero either defeats the Underdog Hero when he's sent out by the villain to fight the hero (leading to a Defeat Equals Friendship scenario), defeats one or more of the people making this guy's life miserable, or otherwise helps with his problems.

Because of this, the Underdog Foil learns The Power of Friendship, the importance of believing in and standing up for oneself, the importance of following your dreams, or some combination of the above, and finds it in himself to do something bold and heroic and/or resolves to follow the dreams that he had been too afraid to in the past.

Often the hero is the first friend that the Underdog Foil has ever had. In some cases, the Underdog Foil will join with the hero('s team) at least for a while after this happens. Often, but not always, this character's storyline involves some degree of Help Face Turn.


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