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Throw Away The Medal
A character gets a medal for something but throws it away in disdain for his own actions.
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When a character gets a medal or some other token of universal recognition but throws it away, probably because he considers it a personal Medal of Dishonor.

Compare Smash the Symbol, It's All Junk, Your Approval Fills Me with Shame.


  • At the end of the two-parter pilot of Space: Above and Beyond, Nathan throws away a medal he earned in the first victory against the aliens, probably because he blames himself the earlier loss of his lover Kylen to said aliens.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph throws away the medal he has been chasing after for most of the film because getting it back involved betraying Vannelope, his first and only friend, and her hopes of being a racer. Luckily, the hurled medal reveals a critical clue that helps him realize how to put things back together.

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