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Cats Versus Dogs

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I know this trope has a ton of examples but most of them slip my mind at the moment. Needs more examples.

Save a few exceptions, dogs are cute and cats are cute. Neither one generally preys on the other in the wild. And while there are many cases of the two species fighting each other, there are also a fair amount of cases of them getting along peacefully.

That's Real Life. So why is it in fiction they always seem to be mortal enemies set on destroying each other?

Maybe it's for the sake of humor, or maybe it's expected to be taken seriously. Maybe the author hates one of the species, or just likes the other better. Maybe it's to overexaggerate their natures. Either way, this trope is a classic animal stereotype in fiction. If it's a universe where dogs are good, then the villain is probably a cat, and vice versa.

Examples in fiction:

Comic Books

  • Garfield is a major example of this, though there are some occasions where he does get along with Odie, and he most likely doesn't intend to actually kill him.


Western Animation

Notable aversions:

  • Played with in the Rita and Runt segments of Animaniacs, since Runt hates cats but thinks Rita is a dog, whereas Rita knows Runt is a dog and still befriends him.
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  • August 1, 2011
    Cats in the Barbie movie franchise are almost always cute and friendly, whereas the dogs are almost always evil and want to kill them.
  • August 1, 2011
    This is already covered in Animal Jingoism.