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Hybrid Robot
A mecha that shares charcteristics of both super robot and real robot.
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Examples could be Evangelion, Aura Battler Dunbine, Gunbuster, Five Star Stories, Brain Powered, Rah Xephon, Overman King Gainer and Zegapain. It is mecha that either consists of an army of super robots in a real robot type of setting or when you have numerous robots being used by the military but they have super robot type of origins. The term originated with Neon Genesis Evangelion however the first hybrid robot was technically "Aura Battler Dunbine". There are generally four types of hybrid robot.

Types of Hybrid Robot

Super Robot Army
  • An army of robots used by the military with super robot type abilities as well as a super robot type of power source. Usually series that feature these robots are in more of a real robot type of setting and deals more with human conflict.

Realistic Super Robot
  • A robot that has powers that abide to the laws of physics to a degree and contains parts that could actually appear in the real life robot however it is used like a super robot, a superhero, set in a sort of the monster of the week format where where the robot is fighting large masses of one type of monster each episode.

Militarized Super Robots
  • A group of robots used by the military or a corporation that is partially built by them but mainly contain super robot origins and abilities. An example of this is "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

  • This is a combination of the three others where a group of robots are partially built by the military but still contain super robot type origins and are in a real robot type of setting while they use both monster of the week formats. They fight against other militaries that are harboring large masses of giant monster that surround an even larger monster every episode. The reason why it is called "Gunzinger" is because it is thought of as a completely balance combination between real robots and super robots. Since Gundam is the first real robot and Mazinger is the first super robot all of the elements of both genres would be represented between the two of them so by combining their names you would be signaling that it is a combination between the two genres.


Anime and Manga
  • Super Robot Army

  • Realistic Super Robot
    • Gigantor originally incomplete Japanese WWII weapon, now controlled by the Ur Example Kid with a remote control and the Japanese Police to fight criminals.

  • Militarized Super Robots

Comic Books
  • Militarized Super Robots
    • In Iron Man, Tony Stark's "Thorbuster" armor uses mystical energy from the gods.

Western Animation
  • Super Robot Army

  • Militarized Super Robots
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