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Fairytale Wedding Dress
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A gown as lovely as one made by a fairy godmother.

A fancy wedding dress with an old-fashioned style of skirt (usually full length and bell-shaped), and plenty of trimmings. After all, a Wedding Day is no excuse to leave out the Costume Porn.

The main reason for such dresses (and perhaps the key to this trope over any other wedding dress) is the notion that many women like to "feel like a Princess" on their wedding (even if she is already royalty), and wearing such a dress is at least one way to carry out that wish.

And this kind of dress is Truth in Television, as any Bridal Magazine will show loads of these, at least as much as the modest and sensible dresses.

Sometimes it doesn't even have to be worn at a wedding. It can show up in a bridal Fashion Show, or be one of several dresses a character tries on for her wedding (often a dress that she turns down due to either cost or it genuinely not being the kind of dress she wants).

When it is a wedding, this tends to be worn by younger women. Older women are usually seen as not being so naive about how wedding should go (even if they aren't above romance).

Now as the name indicates, this dress is likely to show up at the end of some Fairy Tales, or at least modern works of them.

It isn't immune to being Impossibly Tacky Clothes, if either the bride has little taste or she is forced to wear such a dress. It also isn't immune from being Doomed New Clothes or a Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress, unless it's a live action work and the dress is too expensive to wreck.

Name comes from the term "fairytale wedding", which is meant to evoke old-fashioned grandeur and elegance (look for the newlyweds to leave in a horse drawn carriage), which includes the dress.

A Sub-Trope of Pimped-Out Dress (which means some examples will be lifted from that).

Compare Happy Holidays Dress, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Little Black Dress.


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