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There Is Another MacGuffin
The plot-driving Mac Guffin gets destroyed. But don't worry... There Is Another
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Wondering if there is enough examples of this to make its own trope.

You've found the shiny MacGuffin, and all looks well. Suddenly, somehow the MacGuffin gets destroyed and all appears lost. But don't worry, there is another MacGuffin somewhere out there, you just have to find it.

Subtrope of There Is Another (which deals with people, this deals with things).

  • In the first season finale of Terra Nova, the time fracture that allows people from the future to reach the past is destroyed, apparently trapping everyone in the past with no further contact from the future. But the Phoenix Group discovered an old ship's figurehead in The Badlands, implying a second time fracture exists; they just have to find it.
  • In an episode of Adventures of the Gummi Bears, the Great Book of Gummi is destroyed by a fire, so the Gummis travel to an ancient Gummi city that supposedly houses a great library. They eventually find the library, except that all the books there have desintegrated to dust, and all that is left of their Great Book is a bookmark. They take the bookmark back to Gummi Glen and place it in the spot where the Great Book used to be... and it magically restores the Book, good as new.
  • In Disney's Cinderella, Lady Tremaine trips the servant holding the glass slipper and it shatters before they could put it on Cinderella. Fortunately, Cinderella kept the other one, and produces it as proof that she was indeed the mysterious lady everyone had been looking for.
  • In The Tuxedo, Jimmy Tong loses his tuxedo, but finds that there was a second one, albeit with only 90% of the power of the first.
  • In the first Sword of Truth book, Wizard's First Rule, the book of counted shadows was destroyed decades earlier, which is a real bummer for everyone looking for it. Except for Richard, of course, since he's hiding the fact that he memorized every word of it before its destruction.
  • In Tangled Rapunzel's boyfriend cuts off her magical hair just before he dies so the witch can't use it. This also means Rapunzel can't use it to bring him back to life, like she planned. When she starts to cry, her tears turn out to have the same magical power as her hair, bringing him back to life.
  • In Contact, the Machine is destroyed by a suicide bomber.
    Haddon: First rule of government spending: why build one, when you can build two, at twice the price? Only, this one can be kept secret.

  • In Men In Black 2, when the MIB deneuralizer is destroyed, J and K visit Jeebs, who they discover has built an unauthorized deneuralizer out of scrap parts.
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