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Official Threesome
A canon threesome.
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People like threesomes. Most of the times, authors ignore this. But sometimes they realize that the easiest way to keep everyone happy is to group the Love Triangle together. On the rare occasion the author does this, it usually makes sense, and fits everyone's personalities. Other times...not so much.

Differs from a type 2 Tenchi Solution in that there are only three participants, although an Official Threesome can evolve into (or devolve from) that trope.

See also Three-Way Sex. Compare Tenchi Solution and Polyamory.

Canon examples only. The fandom version goes under One True Threesome, and subtext goes under Three Yay.


Anime & Manga


  • Multiple in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, somewhat justified in that a vampire can bind a human servant and an animal (wereanimal) servant and often has relationships with both and the two have to work together and are stuck with each other for all eternity. So, you know it's not like don't have ample opportunity for romance with each other. Some official menage a' trois are Anita-Nathaniel-Micah, Anita-Asher-Jean Claude, Belle Morte-Jean Claude-Asher, Jean Claude-Asher-Julianna and as of Bullet, Anita-Jean Claude-Richard.

Web Comics
  • Mistress Sixx, Laura, and Ginger in Collar 6.
  • ElfQuest has Dewshine, Scouter and Tyleet (Scouter and Dewshine are a long-established couple when Scouter Recognizes Tyleet). Also, Jink, Kullyn and Tamia (Kullyn and Tamia are an established couple, and then Jink seduces both of them separately).
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