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Self Persecuting Illusion
Illusion, or dream showing loved ones blaming someone which would not happen in real life
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A flash black, image, or dream showing a group of people, the loved ones blaming one specific person, the hero, for his wrongdoings (saying its all his fault and the like) or for possibly not helping them when they needed help. And it might not even be true at all. This could be some illusion because in real life the hero's loved ones wouldn't act that way.


Anime and Manga
  • Occurs in Part II of Naruto when he's under a genjutsu by a Itachi look a like. He sees Gaara's eye on his palm, Sakura's head out of his jacket, one half of Sasuke's face next to his face, and Kakashi on his shoulder. They all tell him how disappointed they are with him and how much he's let them down and wonder why he always gets to be happy while Gaara doesn't.
  • Crona, right after his/her Heel-Face Turn, naturally assumed that everyone blamed him/her for making the madness in Stein spread faster, even asking people why they didn't blame him/her for what he/she did. In fact, this illusion subjected Crona to a Heroic BSOD so deep, it almost caused her/him to go through a Heel-Face Revolving Door back into Medusa's control until Marie, during their tag-team fight with Medusa, had to verbally snap him/her out of his/her slump.
  • Happens to Roberta in Black Lagoon - she is haunted by one of her past victims, who keeps explaining to her just how mad she has become.

  • This has been used in the Spider-Man comics several times over the years, especially when either the villain Mysterio or the demon Mephisto are involved in some way. Old Spidey does have his share of guilt issues.

Live Action TV
  • At the end of the Criminal Minds episode "Normal", the unsub is in the car with his family, who is yelling at him and blaming him for his daughter's death, something he had been beating himself up over for the entire episode. While the family had been rather cold to him throughout the episode, this was uncharacteristically mean of them. It turns out it's just a hallucination. In fact, every time they're shown, it's a hallucination. They were all already dead.

Fan Fic
  • Chapter 6 of Dark Rage. Has Harry suffer a nightmare where Remus, Sirius, James and Lily blame him for their deaths - well, James and Lily seem to be blaming him more for Sirius and Remus's deaths than their own, and Remus isn't actually dead just wounded, potentially fatally, but the fact remains that there's no way those characters would behave like that in canon - and they had their chance to act like that in Deathly Hallows.
  • Occurs in chapter 18 of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fanfic "Intertwined Bonds".

Western Animation
  • In The Simpsons "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" Bart has an Imagine Spot about what will happen if he aplogizes to Lisa for ruining her centerpiece.
    Marge: Now we can blame him for everything!
    Homer: It's your fault I'm bald.
    Abe: It's your fault I'm old.
    Maggie: It's your fault I can't talk!
    Uncle Sam: It's your fault America has lost its way!
    Everyone: It's all your fault! It's all your fault! It's all your fault!
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