Single File Threats and Friends
Enemies and allies come one at a time, never doubling up or overlapping.

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Whether friends or foes, nearly any story that goes on long enough is going to have to introduce new characters. One method is to simply add them to the main conflict and keep them around until the end or their defeat (which may already be troped or need to be troped). This is the other method.

The story will start with a group and stick with it until the current conflict is over with some additions and losses, but that doesn't mean the end. New enemies and allies will pop out of the woodwork... even if that woodwork is in the same place everything else happened. Exactly why they waited for the previous world destroying conflict to be over to take their shot at ruling everything will rarely be explained.

Due to its status as an Omnipresent Trope, only works where the trope is averted or otherwise played with will be listed.

Can be the result of a Sealed Cast in a Multipack. Compare with Mook Chivalry, but on a much larger scale.

  • Averted in the Honorverse where the conflict with Haven comes to an abrupt end shortly after an Ancient Conspiracy attacks the Manticoran home system and tension with the Solarian League becomes a shooting war, so from one to two opponents with a short period of overlap.
  • The Lost Fleet averts this, as even while the titular fleet tries to get back to friendly space and avoid their human pursuers, they are increasingly pressed by an previously unknown alien enemy and mutiny is a recurring issue.
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