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Our Dark Matter is Different
Various ways the "dark matter" is depicted in media
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In real life, dark matter is a kind of hypothetical matter that constitutes most of the matter of our universe. Its existence is only ever detected via its gravitational and radiation effects, and so far, no one is certain what a "dark matter" actually looks like.

Perhaps owing to its hypothetical nature, in fiction, a dark matter is interpreted in various ways. As a phlebotinum mainly, a dark matter may be a Power Source, Toxic Phlebotinum, something behind Minovsky Physics, etc. Other times something may be named "dark matter" for Rule of Cool.

May be related to Casting a Shadow when used as a superpower.


Anime and Manga
  • In Gundam Build Fighters, the Gundam Exia Dark Matter is an "evil" version of Meijin Kawaguchi's Amazing Exia with a black-and-red color scheme. When he's freed from mind control, it reverts to its original white-and-blue.

  • Thor: The Dark World has Aether, one of the six infinity gems. Which despite the name is more of a wibbly-wobbly ebby-flowy fluid capable of converting regular matter into dark matter. Also despite the name, it's visible to the naked eye with a sinister red glow, and is if not sapient, intelligent enough to want to protect itself.

Live Action Television
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation episode In Theory features the Enterprise exploring a Dark Matter nebula which caused bits of the ship to randomly vanish. This caused activity from Spot (Data's cat) exiting Data's room without using the doors to a crew member falling through the floor after it vanishes and then getting killed when it comes back.
  • An episode of Star Trek: Voyager featured a Dark Matter asteroid, which looked like the shape of an asteroid but was see-through.

Video Games
  • In Spiral Knights, dark matter is one of five forms of minerals that a player can gather to obtain crowns and affect the level strata.
  • In Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, dark matter exists as a form of Grimy Water that causes Mario and Luigi to instantly disintegrate upon falling into it.
  • In the Final Fantasy games dark matter is a powerful form of magic.
  • In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Samus's Dark Beam fires blasts of dark matter.
  • In League of Legends, "Dark Matter" is the name of one of Veigar's spells, which causes a meteor to fall.
  • Chrono Trigger: Magus' most powerful spell is of the Shadow element and called, you guessed it, Dark Matter.
  • The Dark Matter Gun from Quake IV. It fires Unrealistic Black Holes.
  • Recurring villain Dark Matter in Kirby series is a living blob of darkness that flies through space, finding planets to be corrupted/consumed. There are multiple Dark Matters in the universe, all of them coming from their master/"core", Zero (another Cosmic Entity).

Web Comics
  • Schlock Mercenary has a whole story arc about a race of beings from another galaxy made of "dark matter", with which the Milky Way galaxy is currently at war.

Western Animation
  • In the Ninjago animated series, dark matter is a Psycho Serum found on the Island of Darkness that the Overlord claims can "turn a man's heart as black as night". After using a member of the supporting cast as a guinea pig he uses bombs filled with the stuff to corrupt major portions of Ninjago.
  • In League of Super Evil, the most powerful dark matter in the universe is found in the shape of black licorice, of all things.
  • In Futurama dark matter exists as an oil-like substance and also in an extremely dense solid form defecated by Nibblonians, typically employed as starship fuel.
  • In Exosquad, dark matter is used as spaceship coating for Stealth in Space. It also makes humans who come in contact with it extra irritable and aggressive.

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