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Father Neptune

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This is a maritime Badass Grandpa . He has endured storms, pirates, fog, and all the perils of the sea. He has been in a Bar Brawl in every port and he has never lost. Sometimes he is a Drill Sergeant Nasty to all the scruvy foc'sle swabs. Sometimes he develops a Big Brother Complex toward the Plucky Middie. But he is a lord of the sea and all sailors must heed him or endure his wrath.

  • Diokles the oarmaster in Over The Wine Dark Sea by Henry Turtledove

  • Long John Silver in Treasure Island

  • Disko Troop in Captains Courageous

  • Admiral Bobbery in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

  • The Sea Captain from The Simpsons. His name is actually Captain Mac Allistar but he is almost never referred to as that.

  • Popeye's father Poopdeck Pappy.

  • Jack Sparrow perhaps?

  • Captain Eddie from the Non Sequitur comic strip likes to portray himself as this. How much of if is purely in his own mind is open to debate.

  • Captain/Commodore/Admiral Sir Edward Pellew as he is portrayed in the Hornblower series. (Arguably Truth In Television as Pellew was a Real Life naval commander.)

  • (Captain) Quint from Jaws.

  • Subverted with Capt'n K'nuckles from The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

Real Life

  • Admiral William Halsey(though the USN is a little embarrassed about some of his decisions)

  • Admiral Marc Mitscher
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