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You are an Evil Overlord who had just conquered another place, crushed the puny La Résistance, set up the proper measures to keep people in line and is ready to spill more blood for the blood god. The Les Collaborateurs may serve as Sargent to this new army, but often it is headed by a Fantastic Racist who will rarely show much mercy for this battalion.

There are several regiments of the Battle Thrall

Proud Warrior Race Guy: This branch consist of a Warrior Race group of people who believes might makes right, they will not question the leader's loyalty, believing that since they were beaten via trial by combat that they now accept him as the new leader. To them, serving the leader is the utmost highest honor this battle thrall can have and that he is the source of enlightenment amongst them. However, woe be unto there are some warrior race guys who felt you have insulted their honor. They will gladly be allies/non-aggressive with the rebels to return their group to their glory. In battle, they are toughest bastards with strategy to boot so if you face these guys: Good luck.

Examples: Mandalorian Clone Troopers in Star Wars (Some Clone Troopers who valued their roots then to the Republic and later the Empire).

Barbarian Marauders: Brute, dumb and the smartest being able to read. The Barbarian Marauder is perfectly fine with serving under the new rule of terror. But they fight for one reason. To kill and cause terror to anyone the empire doesn't like. Sociopaths pointed in another direction basically. Their brutality is offset by their shortmindedness. If they don't get their hedonistic needs met, they will pick apart your empire bit by bit.

The Engineers of Doom, Petter of rebels?: Every army needs folks to keep the war machine well sharpened and often these engineers will do the work. They rarely take sides in the conflict, only working to make sure the war machine is running and will rarely fight with the rebels if needed. They are often the straight man of the Battle Thralls, being the voice of reason amongst the Chaotic and Lawful Evil groups from killing each other. If the opportunity is given to rebel, they will merely offer a token of assistance but will not directly help in sabotaging the war machines.

Enslaved Grunts: The lowest rank of a Battle Thrall, basically rounded up and given a crude weapon and maybe a bomb. Their goal is to employ Zerg Rush Tactics against the enemy. They are regarded by both sides as target practice and friendly fire is often an issue.

They rarely have the courage to stand up and fight against their overlords. Realizing that their lot in life is to die anyway and thus will sacrifice themselves for the emperor, no matter how hopeless the attack is.

Sneaky Mercs: Thieves, bandits and other lowlife who are more willing to harm a helpless target but would run at the first sight of someone getting killed. Their role in combat is to act as the surgical knife of the lowlifes, stealing, robbign or causing acts of terror with minimum bloodshed. Or until they plant that bomb and get the fuck out of dodge. Have an egotistical complex

Alluring Amazon slave girls: The bedwarmers of the battle thrall army. To the Empire, they are a source of bedwarming goodness for the ruling elite and not quite bad as soldiers. Mostly used to infiltrate resistance cells or the beds of defiant generals. They often become enamored to the main character if he is a dashing hero. Often one will personally fall in love with the hero and realize that her love for the man who is trying to reveal his secrets is genuine. The Vamp version would often have a tragic romance with the ruler, realizing that he can not truly love her

Dogmatic Drones: Robot Mooks, Bug War, a Dogmatic Drone Army are pretty much nameless/faceless robots banded under one leader who gave birth to them and a purpose. Often in the Lawful Evil territory. They act as a deadlier version of a Zerg Rush. Unlike Grunts, they don't have rebellious tendencies but are prone to have "unacceptables" who have broken off with the main society and are pretty much now unleashing their anger in all directions.

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