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Slender Blond Tsundere, Busty Brunette Friend
The two female love interests' personalities correlate to the size of their chests, and hair color
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I don't know what it says about me or my taste in Anime that I noticed this, but here goes:

In a lot of Anime, of the two main love interests, one tends to be borderline-violent, blonde or redheaded, and, while not necessarily flat, anxious about that aspect of her figure. The other, meanwhile, tends to be nicer, gentler, and more wholesome, darker haired, while at the same time being far more...filled out.

This often occurs where there's a Tiny Tyrannical Tsundere at play; there's usually a more indulgent, and more 'feminine', character there to provide the beleaguered protagonist breathing room...though often at the expense of his ability to breathe. The latter tends to fall victim to Hopeless Suitor, Can Not Spit It Out, or some variety of Like Brother and Sister, from the male's perspective.

Related to Red Oni, Blue Oni, but with boobs. See also Light Feminine Dark Feminine

Here's Some Examples:

Video Games

  • While Aeris is by no means a Tsundere, she could be considered the primary love-interest of the game, in contrast to the more girl-next-door Tifa, she of the raven locks and famous chest.
  • El Sword: The first two female playable characters are Aisha the petite, abrasive magician and Rena, the motherly busty elf. The former is always jealous of the latter's breasts.
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