Dainty Little Ballet Dancers
Anyone who's a classically trained ballet dancer can be considered delicate
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They're ballet dancers. They're participants in a traditionally feminine activity. So they've got to be delicate, right?

Simply put, this is when ballet dancers are portrayed as delicate little flowers of femininity, even though ballet is by its very nature as physically taxing as contact sports, if not moreso. Ballerinas often get this treatment, though male dancers get this just as often, despite the fact that they need to be strong enough to so much as lift their partners. Ballerinas are actually just as strong themselves muscle-wise in Real Life.

See also Ballet and Real Men Wear Pink.


Comic Books

  • In an Archie Comics story, Archie and Reggie make fun of Veronica's "sissy" ballet instructor, until he uses dance moves to beat up some thugs threatening them. The two of them then take ballet lessons with him themselves.


  • Inverted in The Cutting Edge. Kate Moseley is a talented figure skater, but difficult to work with. Her coach's search for a new partner leads her to none other than Doug Dorsey, a hockey player - and built like one.


  • In On the Town, the "Miss Turnstiles" ballet has Ivy Smith assuming an improbably wide range of personalities. Ivy and her Leitmotif are presented at first in a delicate "Allegretto di 'Ballet Class'" (which is in 5/4 time), though the ensuing variations on her theme culminate by showing off her athletic side.

Western Animation

  • Played for Laughs in one episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Billy wants to be a ballet dancer, his father, won't allow it because "dancing is for weaklings". As it turns out, the only reason he thinks this is because his own father used that logic to dash HIS dream to become one. In the end, he rejects that ideology and performs the Maboohai Shuffle to defeat Pollywinkle and save Billy.

Real Life

  • Averted to a degree within football circles: a number of coaches and players are aware of the strength ballet requires, and take it as a way to develop their muscles.
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