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Does His Own Stunts
Go Ahead and Doubt the Legend, But It's All True
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Actors have to deal with fans believing them to be their characters, but there are times when they have to deal with the skeptics who doubt them being anything like their characters. Sometimes as a matter of pride, others a matter of honor, they step up to a challenge to prove that they are not relying on special effects, stunt doubles or talent doubles.

Despite being more common in a Show Within a Show premise, it can happen outside that due to rumors of the hero's exploits or other such things.

  • Basically named after promotional material for Jackie Chan's movies, that the actor really is performing all of the hair-raising and death-defying things we see. To further the impression, Chan started including Hilarious Outtakes to show the actual injuries he has acquired doing those stunts. A variation of the trope name comes up in Shanghai Knights in the outtakes where Roy (Owen Wilson) suggests Chon (Jackie Chan) to go to hollywood.
    • Springboarding from here we can make a long list of actors who are as legitimately tough as the characters they play.
      • Bruce Lee. Potential rivals would approach him for a fight, thinking he was just a glitzy movie guy, only to be promptly knocked out. Apparently filming of Enter the Dragon was delayed several weeks due to the sheer number of challenges he would get.
      • In an atypical example, Victor Borge was one of the great pianists of the last hundred years but due to his comedic bent in his performances a good many people disbelieved he had any significant skill. The few times he played a complex piece entirely straight usually managed to silence them.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has the movie star Lucas Lee who really is an impressive badass and seems to only use his stunt crew to do scenes he would normally be too busy for. In fact defeating him required Scott to challenge his ego to perform a suicidal rail grind down a long flight of stairs just to prove he could do it. He explodes at the end.
  • A plot point in íThree Amigos! is that the actors were believed to be real heroes saving real people, being recruited for a promotional event (save out town from a bandit) only to learn it was all for real and they wanted out. But one of the bad guys was an old fan of theirs, explaining his disappointment to learn of Hollywood trickery being behind their stunts. While the actors weren't exactly badasses, they did largely do their own stunts and managed to hold out with a combination of already existing skill and their acting ability.
  • Johnny Cage in the various Mortal Kombat series is an action hero who gets involved with the tournament because he wanted to prove he was a legitimate martial artist in his own right. The Mortal Kombat movie had his Character Development revolve around not needing to prove himself that way, not needing to seek the verification of others.
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