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Hotel of Spies
Hotel with lots of spies.
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We already have City of Spies. But what kind of places do these spies go to in that city? Why they go to a Hotel of Spies. This place will always be a luxurious hotel, with all the trimmings. There the heroic secret agent goes to party at taxpayers expense. Perhaps he will be eavesdroping as the high and mighty have Dances and Balls or hold a Fancy Dinner. A sad job but duty calls.


Live-Action TV

  • Used frequently in Burn Notice, naturally, since it's a show about a burned spy and occasionally features other spies as well. The main character, Michael, notes in his narration that offering to meet at a Hotel swimming pool is akin to an olive branch in the spy game; the other spy will know that it's relatively safe, since it's in public (so they can't just shoot you), there's plenty of escape routes, and due to it being hard to hide a weapon in a bathing suit.

  • In a sketch on Dave Allen At Large two spies go through a conveluted routine of signs and countersigns which seems to be overkill - until he gets to "tea and crumpets." She's "tea and toast," "tea and crumpets" is in a different room.


  • In the 1902 novel The Grand Babylon Hotel, practically every important member of the staff is secretly some kind of conspirator.

Real Life
  • There was a Soviet joke once:

- We heard the new Olympic Village is built out of microconcrete. Could you tell us what it is?

- Of course. It's 10% concrete and 90% microphone.
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