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In many Greatest X's of All Time lists, current works dominate older ones.
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So someone's putting together a "Top 100 of All Time" list (be it movies, songs, TV shows, etc.) But what's this? Seven out of the top ten are from the last five years? Will they even be on the list at all ten years from now? What about the Trope Makers and Trope Codifiers dwelling down at #50?

This is when the organizers of a "best of" list tend to favor current examples over classics. This may even be more likely to happen to a list formed by people's votes, as people will generally vote for whatever is freshest in their minds. Granted, a current example might just be that good, it may have earned it's place on the list. But there's a danger that the choice may have been made because of it's current popularity rather than it's quality or timelessness. It is difficult to asses just how seminal a work will be on a genre until enough years go by.

Occasionally the opposite bias may happen as well, where a list might be skewed toward only classics, ignoring newer works which may be just as good or better.

Compare and contrast Older Is Better.

Should We Have This?? I know there's a danger that it will attract complaining, but I think it's a real phenomenon.



  • While perhaps not contemporary by everyone's standards, it is rather telling that the glut of the entries on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, around 40%, are from the 1960's, with nearly 30% from the 1970's. The 1940's and 50's received less than 15% combined, and it didn't go any earlier than that, while the subsequent three decades received what was left, suggesting the writers were probably of the Baby Boomer generation.

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