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Tis Only A Bullet In The Brain
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99% of the time shooting someone in the head is going to kill them. 1% of the the time it will just make them mad.

In fiction survivng a bullet to the head is nearly exclusively the domain of a Badass and shows just how much of a Determinator they are. Sometimes the injury will be Handwaved as a lot less serious than it looked, sometimes it will merely be implied that the character is just that tough.

In real life, in relatively rare cases people actually have survived a bullet in the brain.

Note: This trope only applies to people who have no powers other than the Rule of Cool. If they can regenerate or have some other bullet defying superpower it belongs elsewhere.


  • Machete has two examples; Machete himself surived a bullet in the brain some time prior to start of the film while Luz is shot through the eye and is back on her feet in no time (it isn't directly stated that the bullet went into her brain but given the range and the size of the gun it seems pretty likely it did.)
  • The Bride survives a Coup de Grāce in Kill Bill, though it does at least put her in a coma for a while.
  • Renard in The World Is Not Enough not only survived a bullet in the brain but actually gained a superpower: he can't feel pain. Admittedly it is slowly killing him but still, pretty cool.
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