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The End Is Nigh (aka Doomsayer)

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An obligatory trope for every movie depicting The End of the World as We Know It is some crazy-looking person (usually holding a sign) declaring that we should all repent because the world is coming to an end. Ha! As if that will ever happen!

  • Played for black comedy in the opening titles of Zombieland, where a man with a sign saying THE END IS NEAR is being chased by zombies.
  • Tintin ("The Shooting Star"). The mad ex-astronomer Philippulus goes round in white robes, banging a gong and generally making a nuisance of himself.
  • Doctor Who ("The Shakespeare Code"). The doomsayer is quite delighted that the end of the world is happening, crying: "I told ye so! I told ye so!"
  • Watchmen. Rorschach uses this as his cover, but it also lampshades the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over everyone (not to mention future events in the comic).

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