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Fetishistic Creator
When a creator is well known for having of fanservice and/or fetish fuel in EVERYTHING.
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This page is a collection of creators who are well-known for including a high amount of Fanservice and/or Author Appeal into every single creation they make. It doesn't matter the genre or the medium. If they're writing a comic book, every single female of legal age has a bra size somewhere in the center of the alphabet, every guy is a Walking Shirtless Scene or every story contains at least one Casual Kink. They do this shamelessly and unapologetically, although they might attempt to justify it with maxims like "Sex Sells" or Hand Wave it with some sort of Phelbotinum that turns everyone into Sex Gods.

Before any works are added here, there are three rules that must be followed:

  • Every commercial work the author produces during a set period must invoke this. If only a few or scattered number of said works do this, then it's not a pattern. There needs to be at least an established line of works which continuously invoke Fanservice or Author Appeal every time.
  • It must be a trope listed in our Fanservice, Rule of Sexy or Porn Tropes indexes. An author that includes hair decs on every female character would not qualify just because he or his audience have a fetish for them.
  • The works cannot be explicitly pornography or erotica. It makes sense that an author would play to the fetishes in those genres, because that's the entire point to them.

Furthermore, it cannot be stressed enough that this page is not for debating whether or not inclusion of said fetishes/fanservice is "bad" or "good". It is only meant to categorize creators who invoke these sort of tropes time and time again.


  • Michael Bay will include at least one scantily-clad babe in every film he makes, regardless of the implausibility of said babe. The pattern becomes firmly established within the Transformers franchise, but became apparent as early as Bad Boys.
  • Frank Miller is known for including prostitutes, jailbait, rape (whether actual or implied) and gratuitous Male Gaze into every story he's written since the 1990s. Blatant examples include The Dark Knight Strikes Again which included "Naked News", a Catgirl that was clearly intended as jailbait fantasy, and a romance between Superman and Wonder Woman which strongly implied that Rape Is Love. Then, in the special edition of All Star Batman And Robin, there's a blatant scene in which he specifically instructs artist Jim Lee to draw Vicki Vale in her underwear for audience titillation.
  • Terry Goodkind features rape so often in his stories that there's no way there isn't a bit of Author Appeal going on. Just about every book in The Sword of Truth series features a character being raped or recovering from a rape. Granted, every character who engages in it is treated a Complete Monster, but it the author's go-to method of having villains cross the Moral Event Horizon.

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