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Too Many Babies
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A woman has babies. As in, multiple babies that she gave birth to at the same time, and now she, with help from her partner, has to figure out how the heck to deal with this many kids at once. Hilarity Ensues.

This trope has come to prominence lately because an effect of in-vitro fertilization is that it increases the odds of multiple births, though advances in technology are such that this is a much more avoidable prospect.

Astonishingly, even in this extreme cases babies still make everything better.


  • Raising Arizona has this as a set-up- Herbert's poorly thought-out plan to have a child with his wife involves kidnapping one of the Arizona Quints, reasoning that the parents wouldn't mind losing just one.
  • In The Simpsons, Apu and Manjula get octuplets after she starts taking fertility treatments to increase the chance of pregnancy. We later find out that this wasn't the fault of the doctor they saw- several people had been slipping Manjula fertility drugs without her knowledge.
  • A whole spate of Reality TV shows involved finding Truth in Television examples of this trope and filming it, the most well-known example probably being Jon And Kate Plus Eight. Shows in this vein seem to be waning in popularity thanks to Octomom, whose irresponsible invocation of this trope has caused the viewing public to strongly question the morality and motives of anyone who would decide to have this many children, let alone try to get a Reality TV show for it.
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