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Gamer Food
A situation where a stereotypical person is eating food that conforms to that stereotype.
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Many works depict various types of people - as well as what those people eat. Now, normally, this is all well and good. Sometimes, though, it gets a little out of hand; all "serious" gamers, for example, might be found stuffing their face with soda (Mountain Dew, if they're using brands) and chips, for example.

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  • In Toy Story 2, Al (of Al's toy barn) can be seen eating some sort of cheese puff snack while watching television, complete with orange fingers. [[hottip:Note:Okay, I didn't check the movie. I'm combining a weak memory with the first comment on this YKTTW.]]
  • In Zombieland, Columbus can be seen surrounded by pizza boxes and bottles of Mountain Dew, all while playing World of Warcraft.

Western Animation

  • A South Park episode features the boys playing World of Warcraft for hours on end, eating assorted junk foods and gaining noticeable poundage. [[hottip:Note:Again, I'm only going by the comment.]]
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