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Chekhov\'s Prologue
When the prologue of a story is a Chekhov's Gun.
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I know what you're thinking: "Not another Chekhov's X snowclone!" However, on [[Everything's Worse with Snowclones]], it says: "Chekhov's X: This family includes tropes about elements that are introduced early to become important later. If what you're suggesting is this sort of trope, clearly explain what differentiates it from a generic Chekhov's Gun and make sure that it actually needs its own trope. If the difference comes down to 'Chekhov's Hat- a Chekhov's Gun that happens to be a hat', for instance, then it probably doesn't." This is not Chekhov's Hat. It needs its own trope. Often, the prologue seems irrelevant (sometimes it doesn't even featurwe the same characters!) but its relevance is made clear later. That is this trope.
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