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Syncretic Religion
A religion combining aspects of two or more previous faiths.
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"We do not convert people. We simply help them realize that they are already Wayists."
Reverend Behemial Far Traveler, Andromeda

Anyone else think it's odd that so far combined religions have been covered under Coca-Pepsi, Inc.?

Comic Books
  • Tintin In America, one of the people trying to get Tintin to endorse them supposedly represents a church combining Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

  • Pitch Black has 'Chrislam' pilgrims heading for the planet of New Mecca.

  • Dune has several examples of religious mergers: the Orange Catholic Bible implies a fusion of Catholicism and Protestantism, and it also has the Buddhislamic Zensunni, Zenshia and Zensufi sects.
    • Appendix II from the original clearly states that the Orange Catholic Bible was an effort of the Council of Ecumenical Translators which was made up of representatives of all faiths with more than a million followers. The result was supposed to be a universal (i.e. catholic) representation of beliefs. It was not well received. At first.
  • Philip K. Dick was particularly fond of this: in several novels (notably The Divine Invasion) there was a merger between the Catholic Church and the Soviet Union in the backstory.
  • The Life of Pi's main character, Piscine Molitor Patel, was born a Hindu but chooses to simultaneously practice both Islam and Christianity as he grows up. His reason: he "just wants to love God."
  • Enigma Babylon One World Faith in the Left Behind books, which consists of Roman Catholicism merged with various Christian sects that would not hold to fundamentalist doctrine (as defined by the books' authors and the Tribulation Force characters) as well as other world religions.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land has Valentine Michael Smith form a union of every single religion called "The Church of All Worlds," which eventually inspired a real religious community of the same name.
  • The Janissaries by Jerry Pournelle has a world that has both Christians and pagans, with the pagan religion being very loosely based on Classical Mythology. When a Christian nation enters into a political alliance with two pagan nations, a bishop has a rather convenient revelation that the two religions in fact worship the same god, resulting in the creation of a politically backed syncretic religion.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire seems to do this with fictional religions in the cult of the Many Faced God. The temple includes shrines to gods from all over, and his adherents believe that all gods (or at least all death gods) are avatars of him. There's also some implication of the religion taking elements from other faiths in the universe in its theology and worship.

Live Action TV
  • Firefly is a subtle example, as the only explicitly religious ceremony it shows is a funeral which combines Christian and Buddhist elements, which may just be Artistic License - Religion.
  • The Church of the Global Standard Deity (GSD for short) in the Thursday Next series.
  • Andromeda has Wayism, founded by a Magog who found God and decided all religions were true.

  • Pangaeism, the most politically correct religion ever, is briefly mentioned in Last Res0rt, apparently they have a minor holy war every time a new species is contacted and the scripture needs to be revised to include their mythology.
  • In Freefall omniquantism is the idea that if God is omnipotent and all things are possible, then it is possible that all religions are correct simultaneously. One in three AIs lock up after hearing the concept, Florence managed to make sense of it though.

Western Animation
  • The Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism from The Simpsons .
  • Father Changstein El-Gamal of the First Amalgamated Church on Futurama.

Real Life

  • In the Eppy/Orion era of Grendel, Christianity has been reunified under the Pope at Vatican Quest.
  • Christianity commonly absorbed other traditions and tenets from other religions. For example, Christmas was originally the Roman sun festival, and the early Christians celebrated the birth of Christ at the same time to avoid standing out. Also, myths about messiah figures who were born of a virgin, walked on water, turned water to wine, healed the sick, etc., are very common throughout that period, such as Horus from Egyptian mythology. Apparently, things like that were considered to be standard "messiah cred."
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