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Guys Scold Girls Too, Y'know...
One-sided situations when a male character gets mad at a female.
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Well, yeah!

Ayu: U-GUU-UU-UU!!!
Yuichi: Quit squirming. All of this is your fault.
Ayu: I was gonna pay him back tomorrow, I promise!
Yuichi: That's not good enough. I'll put up the money, but you're going to apologize to that guy right now.

A basic fact of life: Both male and female characters do stupid things, and gender makes no difference when it comes to who calls them out for it. In fiction, though, male characters tend only to rebuke other males, while female characters can do so to both males and other females.

This trope is the aversion of this blatant Double Standard. In order to be in effect, three basic criteria must apply:

  1. A male character has to get mad at a female character.

  2. It has to be in response to something she did. It doesn't count if she pissed him off on purpose, or if she was constantly chewing him out or something before he puts his foot down.

  3. It has to be a one-sided exchange. That is to say, the girl can try to argue back, but cannot successfully hold her ground.

Please keep in mind that what the guy actually says or does can vary, ranging from a single line to outright violence.

Sometimes counts as Not So Above It All, since a fair amount of shows utilize a Women Are Wiser dynamic, though may try to twist the mechanics by having the guy show more common sense for once. Compare and contrast The Bechdel Test, which lays down a similar set of rules against a certain Double Standard against women.


Anime and Manga
  • Two minor examples in Nichijou include a scene where Sakamoto, in response to Nano and the Professor's god-awful trumpeting, jumps into the scene and tells them to knock it off (to which Nano apologizes), and another scene where Yuko's teacher brings her notebook down onto her head (repeated over 40 times) before asking to see her.
  • See the pagequote? That's Kanon's main character Yuichi calling Ayu out for stealing Taiyaki while dragging her back to the stand during the first episode.
  • The entire point of Amazing Nurse Nanako (besides fanservice). In just Nanako's first scene, she manages to break all the dishes and allow the fishes she was cooking to light up on fire. A few scenes later, her boss, Dr. Kyouji Ogami, tells her about an experiment that she's gonna be the subject of, explaining all the details, for having fucked up so badly.
  • Excel Saga: In just the third scene of the show, Il Palazzo shoots Excel twice for her hyperactive behavior. Furthermore, he is known in general to send her down a trapdoor for it. There's also a scene where Excel and Hyatt are supposed to hunt for some food for someone on a snowcapped mountain, but fail; the man then shuts them out in the cold to starve while bringing Menchi inside.
  • Pani Poni Dash!!: In her debut episode, Ichijou's little sister, after having somehow ended up on school grounds, comes across Tsurugi Inugami. His (terse) response: "And who might you be?" She then starts feasting on the cookies he has in front of him, and only a few seconds later, he lifts the tin up and tells that they're his, and to eat them one at a time if she wants any.
  • In their first scene in Chrono Crusade, Chrono and Rosette are inside a car when they receive a call from the church. When Chrono asks Rosette to wake up, she asks for "Just ten more hours", and he demands she get up immediately. (This is reversed in the manga.)
  • During one chapter of Yotsuba&, Yotsuba kicks a soccer ball she found through a window, and her stepfather appropriately scolds and spanks her for it.
  • During an episode of Nurse Witch Komugi, Komugi's boss finds Komugi out somewhere while she's supposed to be at her job, and berates her before carrying her by the waist.

  • Keitaro: The Hater of Women is a novelized version of Love Hina, in which Keitaro is not the bumbling idiot that he is in canon. He is known to invoke this trope, not least of all when he catches Naru in his room looking through his books and rebukes her for it, before arranging a punishment for all the girls living at the dorm for her behavior.

Live-Action TV
  • There are scenes of this in Boston Public. For example, at the end of one episode, after sorting through some legal trouble, Daniel Hanson tells her that he intends to pack his stuff up and leave, when she asks what happens now that she's cheated on him. She responds by pleading "It can't be that simple", to which he bluntly says it is.
    • In another, Principal Stephen Harper rebukes Ronnie Cooke for shoving a desk onto its side in a fit of rage, to which she doesn't argue back. In another episode still, he suspends Lauren Pierce for pulling a gun on someone.
  • I Love Lucy was all about all kinds of stupid things the eponymous character did, and what her husband Ricky did to punish her, such as spanking her.
  • On Scrubs Dr. Cox would call out anyone, regardless of gender, any time they deserved it (and sometimes when they didn't). He was really the only one who could get away with scolding Carla on a regular basis.

  • Eminem's song Kim is about how he rebukes and murders his eponymous wife. All song long, she pleads forgiveness and for her life, and one thing mentioned that she did was getting drunk and vomiting on someone at a party.
    • Another song, Guilty Conscience, involves a man who, coming home from work, finds his wife in bed with someone else. After hearing from Em and Dr. Dre about whether he should shoot them or not, he decides to.

Western Animation
  • Popeye has his moments with Olive Oyl, such as dumping her for being infatuated with Bluto, or throwing her off a boat for releasing a goldfish that he had been through hell retrieving for her (after she saw how unhappy the fish was to be back in its bowl).
  • An episode of Family Guy involves Loretta having had an affair with Quagmire, and ends with her husband Cleveland dumping her for it.
    • For another Family Guy example, at least two episodes involve Peter calling out Lois for her Jerk Ass behaviour, and gloating cheerfully about it ("PETER WAS RIGHT!").
  • During The Simpsons episode The Great Simpsina, Lisa makes a promise to a magician called The Great Raymondo never to reveal any of his secrets. She does, and needless to say, he is not pleased with her.
  • Similarly one episode of Sonic Sat Am has Sally making a reckless decision instead of Sonic. After she almost endangers the team's lives and fails to defend her argument, Sonic calls her out and gloats childishly.
  • Baloo frequently chews Rebecca out as much as vice versa in TaleSpin, and about 50% of the time, he is completely justified.
  • In Thomas And Friends (and The Railway Series novels they are based on) the Fat Controller scolds his female engines as much as his male ones when they do something wrong.
  • Since most of the main characters are female in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic they often end up getting called out by supporting male characters. Spike rebukes Twilight for her Idiot Ball moments as much as vice versa. Perhaps best examplified where Big Macintosh of all people bellows at the female Cutie Mark Crusaders for spreading lies and tells them to get lost.
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