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Vegetarians Only Eat Vegetables
Fictional vegetarians only eat vegetables and rarely eat sweets.
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This would be a potential subtrope of the Straw Vegetarian trope, although I'm not sure if the more extreme aspects exists outside of The Simpsons. It could also be widened to be a "Vegetarian food is always health food" trope as well. Or this could be merged to add more traits to the list under Straw Vegetarian.

In many examples of Straw Vegetarian type of characters in fiction, or at least more militant ones, their diet isn't a matter of merely not eating meat, but they often only eat "health food" and often only eat organic food as well, and the idea of organic sweets and other "junk food" treats is almost never brought up, even though such things exist. In some cases, people assume that the trope title is literal and that vegetarians only eat vegetables, maybe taking the term "vegetarian" a little too literally.

Examples where vegetarians are assumed to only eat vegetables:
  • In "Lisa The Vegetarian" from The Simpsons, she only gives vegetable alternatives (the gazpacho mentioned in the quote from the Straw Vegetarian page) to Homer's BBQ and everyone else says things like "You don't win friends with salad" to her, forgetting that popular party foods such as cake and ice cream (and Homer's other favorite, donuts) would also count as vegetarian since they're not meat.

Examples where a vegetarian diet is treated as the same as a health food diet:
  • Dawn from The Baby-Sitters Club dislikes eating sweets and other junk food snacks as well as being a vegetarian.
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