Created By: Dragonmouth on December 13, 2011

Racism is okay if it's black on white

Racism against white people is more likely to be seen as tolerable or funny.

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You are way more likely to hear a black person or other minority say "cracker" or "honky" than you are to hear a white person say the N word. If you have a racist Chinese character, expect him to call a white character "gweilo" and see it translated as "foreign devil."

Racism against white characters is more likely to be tolerated, even by white audiences. YMMV on whether or not this is a Double Standard. One the one hand, racism is always wrong. On the other hand, Real Life racial power dynamics need to be taken into account. Racist white people have historically had to power to institutionalize their racism in ways that harm non-white populations. Racist non-whites generally have not had that power.

Other possible titles could include C-Word Privileges (cracker) or H-Word Privileges (honky).
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