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The Unifier
A character who gathers multiple groups under their name, not always by choice.
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In fiction a Unifier is any character who seeks to unify traditionally feuding factions who share a similar relative identity. They may or may not employ a Genghis Gambit to achieve their goal. A Unifier is not necessarily a good or bad character but is typically ambitious. A Unifier may have to employ Asskicking Equals Authority but ultimately the other factions eventually fall in line. Upon assembling their ragtag team a Unifier will typically lead the troops into battle; results may very.

If enough smaller powers are unified it may result in a N.G.O. Superpower.

Not to be confused with Gondor Calls for Aid as that would be uniting different factions against a greater force, nor a Genghis Gambit which employs the use of an outside force as a rallying point for different groups.

Compare Enemy Mine, when two or more sides are united by a common enemy.


Anime and Manga
  • This is Scourge's backstory in Transformers Cybertron. The Jungle Planet spent an unknown timespan consumed with civil strife until Scourge unified it by force of conquest.

Comic Books
  • Sinestro from Green Lantern, successfully assembled an army of criminals under his name to provide a rival force to the Green Lantern Corp.

  • Dune: Paul Atreides uses his status as the Lisan al Gaib (Voice of the Outer World) to unify the Fremen tribes in opposition to the Harkonnens.
  • In David Gemmell's Legend, Ulric the Uniter has united the various nomad tribes of the Nadir into a massive army that has conquered most of the neighboring states. In The King Beyond the Gate, after Ulric's death, the Nadir have split into tribes once again and Ulric's grandson Tanaka Khan re-unites them into a single nation and becomes the Second Uniter.
  • Firestar in Warrior Cats. During the first series he unites the four forest Clans and leads them into battle against BloodClan, in Firestar's Quest he re-forms SkyClan by assembling local rogues and kittypets and teaching them about Clan life, he's the one that convinces the four Clans to all work together during the drought, and there's a short play by the authors (written to tie into the 2008 US Presidential Election) where the Clans vote on one cat to temporarily lead and make decisions for all four them during a tough winter and they choose Firestar.
  • Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia acts as the leader for various animals and mythical creatures and gets them to fight for and maintain his ideal Narnia.
  • Manuel Argos in Poul Anderson's Technic History series, who rises after the fall of the Polesotechnic League. After escaping from slavers in the story "The Star Plunderers", he goes on to unite the human worlds, by force when necessary, into the Terran Empire.
  • In Darksaber, Admiral Natasi Daala grew so disgusted with the internecine warfare of the Imperial Remnant that she assassinated all the warlords at once and took over leadership of the Empire.
  • In To Reign in Hell, Satan basically gets pushed into this role by the various factions that are uncertain about Yahweh's grand plan and fearful of his calls for sacrifice.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swan becomes this to the Pirates.
  • Cyrus in The Warriors succeeds in becoming a Unifier... for about a minute.
  • Dean Keaton in The Usual Suspects assembles a group of generally separate criminals [[Spoiler: Or does he?]]
  • Jake Sully, the protagonist of Avatar, unites all Na'vi tribes on Pandora to fight back humans at the end of the film.
  • Daniel "Danny" Ocean in Ocean's Eleven gathers a team of gangsters to help in what is effectively his caper.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Basic D&D supplement GAZ10 The Golden Khan of Ethengar. The Golden Khan uses diplomacy and alliances to gather the tribes of Ethengar together into a single horde with the intent of conquering the Known World.
  • In the Forgotten Realms setting, the orcs in the Spine of the World have a tendency to periodically form into vast hordes when a strong warchief unites them. Though since orcs are Always Chaotic Evil, they usually only stay unified as long as it takes for an adventuring party or even another orc to assassinate the warchief. The Kingdom of Many-Arrows seems to be an exception to the latter rule, though: it was founded in 3rd Edition and remains well into 4th Edition, 100-plus years later.
  • In the Shadowrun timeline, Daniel Howling Coyote led his tribe of Amerindians out of a concentration camp set up by the U.S. government, then proceeded to reclaim large parts of the nation for the natives of all tribes by performing the "Great Ghost Dance" which was a massive shamanistic ritual that destroyed the armies trying to interfere and brought multiple volcanoes to spit lava as a way of demonstrating the Amerindians' power. In the end, he accomplished his goal of uniting the tribes and founding the NAN (Native American Nation).

Video Games
  • In Warcraft II and its novelization Tides of Darkness, Zul'jin united the forest troll tribes by challenging their leaders in contests or in duels.
  • In World of Warcraft, the mogu emperor Lei Shen united all of the warring mogu factions by eliminating his rivals one by one.
  • Mass Effect Commander Shepard spends the better part of Mass Effect 3 gathering practically every military in known space into a unified force to battle the Reapers.
    • Aria T'Loak is this trope to a T. By the end she unites three rival factions into the third largest military body in the galaxy.
    • Urdnot Wrex achieves this in his proud warrior race.
  • The Warden in Dragon Age: Origins spends most of the game trying to unite the inhabitants of Ferelden, human, elf, and dwarf, against the darkspawn.
  • Genghis Khan in his first level of Age of Empires II
  • Caesar in Fallout: New Vegas leads a legion formed from 87 tribes united under his banner
  • Dawn of War Winter Assault has the first chapter of the Disorder campaign, where Ork warboss Gorgutz kills every other warboss, thus uniting all of the Orks under his own WAAAGH! out of intimidation. He then pulls these forces tighter by sending them against the forces of Chaos.
  • In the Auroran storyline in EV Nova, the Player Character eventually unites the forever-feuding Auroran Houses against the Bureau who have been secretly controlling both the Federation and House Moash.

Real Life
  • Genghis Khan Naturally
  • Muhammad organized the scattered clans of Arabia into both the political and religious rival of Europe.
  • Otto von Bismark successfully unified German states into the German Empire.
  • Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, united Ancient Greece city-states (with his own Kingdom of Macedonia as the leader) into the League of Corinth to wage war against the Achaemenid Persia. Although Philip was assassinated soon thereafter, his son had mostly his old man to thank for passing down the united Greek armies to him and making his famous conquests possible.

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