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PG-13 Pants
A character is being ripped apart, yet his pants/underwear remain undamaged
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The Big Bad, or maybe just Mother Nature, is demonstrating their power. The Hero or The Lancer is being ripped to shreds, his skin is flying off, blood is spraying, but his pants are perfectly fine. The Hero is in a torture chamber and is being whipped all over his body ferociously by the torturer, but he still has his underwear on despite being otherwise naked. If the weapon being used hits the pants/underwear, The Hero will feel it, but the clothing will remain undamaged.

  • In Xmen:The Final Stand, Wolverine is attempting to kill Jean (Dark Phoenix) who is using her psychic powers to disintegrate every human around. Wolverine is able to get close and because of his Healing Ability his skin grows back as it is torn off him. His shirt disintegrates, his skin disintegrates, but his pants only disintegrate below his knees.

  • In The Simpsons, Homer is being whipped by a torturer wearing a mask. He is only wearing underwear and every time he is whipped on his underwear, a red line appears, but the fabric remains untorn as it would be in real life.

  • In Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!, every time Tsuna is shot with the Dying Will Bullet, his clothes rip off leaving him in just his underwear...which just stay there without explanation.

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