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Someone sells candid photographs of someone else
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Surreptitiously-taken pictures of someone can bring a pretty penny, in the right circumstances. Selling candids tends to fall into a number of stock situations:

  • Trying to sell titillating or embarrassing candids of a celebrity to the media, often a tabloid
  • Trying to sell titillating or embarrassing candids of a celebrity to the celebrity themselves (who is presumably paying to keep them out of the hands of said media)
  • In days gone by, this used to be regular service provided by some entertainment venues, with photographers on cruise ships, night clubs and amusement parks snapping (presumably flattering) candid photos and selling them to the subjects as mementos.
  • In anime and manga, members of a character's Instant Fan Club may take candids and sell them to other members of the Instant Fan Club.
  • Also in anime and manga, the School Newspaper Newshound or Shutter Bug may offer to sell someone candid pictures of their Love Interest.

This may also occasionally apply to cases of persons accidentally included in a photograph of something else, people captured in crowd scenes, or other cases where the subject is not aware of being photographed. Sometimes overlaps with Blackmail, when the subject of the photograph (or their family, manager, etc.) really doesn't want them to be publicized.


Anime and Manga
  • Ai Ore! Love Me!: Students at Akira's all-boy school are seen selling posters of Akira and candid shots of him shirtless, undressing, crossdressing, etc. Ai buys them all.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: After Asuka is introduced, she apparently receives a little Instant Fan Club, and we hear that people are selling photos of her, showing that she is popular and well adjusted, in contrast to Shinji's more reserved nature.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: The host club website sells candid pictures of Haruhi taken without her knowledge. She is not pleased when she finds out. Of course, they are designed to make her look male, and some have been digitally altered to put her face on a male chest.
  • Pretty Face: "Yuna's" Instant Fan Club (the kendo team) holds a swap-meet to share Yuna stuff; one guy brings "50 candids of Yuna" that he has taken. Yuna/Rando of course gets totally pissed and beats the crap out of them.
  • Ranma : Nabiki sells photos of Akane and Girl-Type Ranma.
  • Slayers: Lina Inverse recalls being beaten by her sister Luna for selling candid pictures of her.

  • The Aviator: Howard Hughes buys explicit photos of his ex Katherine Hepburn and her married lover Spencer Tracy from a shady photography (Willem Dafoe) in order to prevent them from reaching the tabloids.
  • That Old Feeling: One of the main characters is a paparazzo who took an infamous picture of Bette Midler's character that made her look bad, and sold it to a tabloid.

  • Basic Eight: Flannery Culp sells candids of her friends to tabloids to defray legal costs.
  • No Score by Chip Harrison: Chip briefly works for a street photographer handing out cards telling people where to buy a print of the snaps. Almost nobody does, and most of the cards end up as litter.
  • Trust Me On This: A murder mystery which revolves around the staff of a particularly scuzzy tabloid newspaper. Both buying and selling candids of various fictional celebrities enter into the plot.

Live Action Television
  • Columbo episode "Identity Crisis": Columbo ties a spy to another agent (found dead on the beach) by finding photographic evidence of their meeting at an amusement park. The pictures are among those taken by a candid photographer working at the park.
  • The Love Boat: Ted McGinley played a shipboard photographer in the last season or two, taking the flattering version.
  • The Naked Truth: A Sitcom about a well respected, award-winning photojournalist who becomes a paparazza to make ends meet. When she first meets her colleague/professional rival/USTmate, he shows her a bunch of candids he's shopping to the tabloid. One is a photo of Macaulay Culkin sitting in dirty underwear eating what they both hope is a Cheeto.

Western Animation
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