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Appendage Inheritance
Dying person Gives a friend a part of his body
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War, war never changes, and during the battle, two of the members of the team will be fatally wounded, one of them probably a lethal but small wound (maybe a bullet near the heart, a dissease that was goint to kill him soon anyway, maybe Hes's a Robot/Cyborg and can easily unplug their limbs, or maybe just on an area that doesn't affect the desired effect of the trope) and probably one of them will have a bigger wound,maybe he even a lost limb or two in the battle,hoever , this guys have some way (magic, mcguffin, or just a Genious doctor handy) to transfer some part of them to the friend and save his life

Compare Take Up My Sword See Also Appendage Assimilation for a creepier version of this trope, whe the appendage may not be offered and is used more as raw material for the recovery of the old one rather than as a substitute

Contrast I will be your hands

As a DeathTrope, all Spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Beware.


Anime and Manga
  • On Fullmetal Alchemist Scars's Brother Gives his arm to Scar after they were atacked by Kimbley, using his arm, Scar has some basic Alchemic Abilities (how far they go deppends if you are looking the first anime or the manga/Second anime)
  • On Naruto This is how Kakashi obtained his Sharingan Eye despite not bein a member of the Clan Uchiha
  • In Claymore, Irene gives Clare her right arm, after Clare's is destroyed by Ophelia. Irene isn't dying at the time, but since it's her last arm (she lost the left one to Priscilla years before that) and the Organization is closing in on her for treason, this act is equivalent to suicide.
  • In the last chapter of vol. one of the manga Black Jack, a truck driver hits a sushi chef, who looses his arms in the accedent. The driver then 'becomes' the chef's hands as an apprentice to learn the art. When the former driver is killed, Black Jack fills the request to give the chef the driver's arms.


Live Action TV
  • In one episode of House, House convinces a guy to asphyxiate himself so that he could donate his heart to his son.
  • Blackadder II. Captain Rum, who died while trying to go around the Cape of Good Hope, wills his beard to Nursie.
  • Played with in an episode of Supernatural : A woman received a kidney from her sister who was subsequently killed. Unfortunately because the kidney meant that part of the woman's sister was still around, this allowed the sister to manifest as a restless (and vengeful) spirit.

Video Games

Visual Novel
  • On the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/stay night Archer gives up his arm to Shirou, it should be Noted that he is an heroic Spiric and this tranfer would probabbly kill inmediatly the receiver due him being unable to control the energy stream (not that in this case it didn't happened, but he survived for longer, and actually if were not for the circumstances he could probably being able to survive it), this was possible thanks to the fact that Archer is a future version of shirou, and so, they were compatible enough to at least remporally prevent this, with his arm, shirou is able to use some of his abilities (wich is usefull, as in this route he lost his conection with sabber)

Web comic
  • In Grim Tales from Down Below, Nergal demons pass their powers before dying by giving someone their eye. Jr receives the eye from Minnie.

Real Life
  • An example of this would be organ donation.

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