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Here's another comedy trope, similar to [2]:

A character names a group of people, then says "And X", to imply that X is not a member of that group.

  • Example from [[Futurama]]:
    Bender: Save my friends! And Zoidberg!
A variant is the Misleading Comparison Insult: "You've got A and B. One is (list of insulting characteristics that sound like they describe B). The other is B." The joke, of course, is that the list of insulting characteristics was really about A.

The only example I can think of right now is from an obscure webcomic: "Can you tell the difference between the bald, humorless Muppet, and Sam The Eagle?" I'm sure there are better-known ones.

Do these comedy tropes already exist somewhere? If not, name ideas?
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